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Where Would I Be Without Them?

Degree Breaking limitis Team

The #BreakingLimits program is part of Degree's larger $5 million commitment to inspire people to move beyond their limits – supporting those who face the biggest barriers to being active and providing them access to the tools, resources, and safe spaces needed to move more.

Thank you to my Degree team, for their dedication and commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society.  I’m so fortunate to be involved with such an important movement and I'm looking forward to breaking more barriers and #breakinglimits.

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As a proud Partner of Team USA, Toyota is always committed to helping people reach their fullest potential—from Team USA Athletes to consumers everywhere. They strive to develop products that inspire a spirit of adventure and take people anywhere they want to go.


The world’s #1 name in swimming, Speedo has led the pack for over 100 years creating professional, innovative and sustainable swimwear for athletes at every level, from beginners to Olympic athletes. Today, Speedo continues to reshape and redefine the world of swimming with #makewaves, an ongoing initiative to make swimming more inclusive, exciting and accessible. By making waves that break boundaries, records and conventions, Speedo continues its mission of building a bright future for the sport of swimming and making a positive impact in the communities around the globe.

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